October 2019

Effectiveness of Hip Protectors to Reduce Risk for Hip Fracture from Falls in Long-Term Care

A new clinical study that used HipSaver Hip Protectors along with one other brand finds that wearing hip protectors in a long-term care environment reduces the risk of hip fracture by three-fold. This makes an excellent case for the development of strategies to maximize the commitment of both residents and staff to using HipSaver Hip Protectors as part of a fall and injury prevention program.

Click here to read the abstract as published in JAMDA.

September 2015

New Falls & Injury Recommendations from Osteoporosis Canada

The wearing of Hip Protectors are included in the list of recommendations released this week and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Click here to read the CMAJ article and click here to watch an interview with Dr. Marla Shapiro on Canada AM.

August 2000

HipSaver Biomechanical Testing

HipSaver pads were tested at the Harvard affiliated laboratory in 1996 and found to offer 10% better impact attenuation than SafeHip.

Click here to view this PDF document [193kb]

October 2000

HipSaver Clinical Study

This study examines the results of a program at the Elder Service Plan of East Boston that used HipSavers for patients with histories of frequent falls to absorb and dissipate the energy transmitted in a fall to prevent hip fractures.

Click here to view this PDF document [103kb]

February 2002

Hip Protector Compliance Study

This test was done using HipSaver Hip Protectors.

Click here to view this PDF document [55kb]

November 2000

Canadian Family Physician

Do hip pads help prevent hip fractures?

Click here to view this PDF document [132kb]

November 2000

New England Journal of Medicine Editorial

Hip Protectors — A Breakthrough in Fracture Prevention.

Click here to view this PDF document [75kb]

November 2000

New England Journal of Medicine

Prevention of Hip Fracture in Elderly People with Use of a Hip Protector

Click here to view this PDF document [117kb]

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